While the BP Rolls Signs & Graphics department are used to wrapping vehicles of all sizes, they were recently approached to perform a different sort of graphics wrap.

WDK Motorsport required a vehicle to use while they were at the races, the vehicle had to be compact and light for transportation purposes, so they chose to buy a second hand Smart Car.

Unfortunately the only one available locally was painted bright pink, which didn’t really fit with their brand or image. So they approached BP Rolls to give their Smart Car a rather unusual facelift.

Instead of repainting the entire vehicle, they decided to do something a bit funkier and asked us to come up with a few options for them. As they are a race company, we designed a black and orange livery that would fit the shape of their vehicle and a carbon fibre effect to complement their motorsport image.

As WDK Motorsport wanted all of the pink paintwork completely hidden, we set to work dismantling the vehicle and wrapped every part of the car, inside and out. With an exceptionally high attention to detail our wrapping team contrasted matt black logos on the gloss black car, carbon fibre vinyl inserts in the wheels and on the fuel filler cap.

We sent our client digital photographs throughout the wrapping process, ensuring that they were entirely satisfied throughout the two-day wrapping project. WDK Motorsport was over the moon with the results and have asked us to look at more of their vehicles including cars, bikes and trucks.

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