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  • Commercial Vehicle Brake Roller Testing

Brake Roller Testing

Brake roller testing provides an accurate assessment of the braking system of your vehicles whilst static. This is usually done during the MOT inspection. The individual braking forces on each wheel can be simulated over a range of braking distance and speed tests and indicates uneven or unbalanced breaking or tyre slippage. Available at: ANDOVER | NEWPORT | HULL

It’s important on commercial vehicles not to rely on a once a year MOT brake roller test. We advise that this should be carried out two to three times throughout the year on vehicles used daily under load to ensure that uneven breaking is not leading to dangerous uncontrolled breaking and additional uneven tyre wear.

During each test we measure the brake force values and the software calculates any imbalance between the left and right brake forces on the axle, as well as the braking efficiency of the service brake or the parking brake.

With our fleet services package we will carry out such checks when your vehicle is in for servicing or other work as part of our inclusive fleet service maximising important checks whilst the vehicle is off the road. This means less down time and any defects being rectified before they become dangerous and more expensive to fix.

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