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Fault Finding & Diagnostics

Our qualified and experienced team of Technicians are well equipped with the knowledge, experience and tools to get to the bottom of any issues you may be having with your vehicle. If you are experiencing performance issues with your vehicle, no matter how insignificant, or if a dashboard warning light illuminates, we recommended you you seek advice as soon as possible before the problem worsens and causes more serious damage.

Performance issues

Performance issues can be frustrating and no matter how insignificant they may seem, they can be a sign of more serious underlying problems. Our experienced Technicians can often identify the possible cause with some basic information, however rather than guesswork, it is essential to follow a diagnostic process in order to ascertain the root cause.

Using this combined approach, our Technicians take the time to listen to your anecdotal description of the problem then carry out a visual inspection and possibly a test drive, followed by an electronic diagnostic check. By following these procedures we are able to identify the exact issue and advise on the best possible solution in terms of the future safety and reliability of your vehicle.

DPF Dashboard warning lights


Dashboard warning lights

It can be worrying when warning lights appear on your dashboard, especially when you haven’t noticed any performance issues. Most modern vehicles contain an on-board computer known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which continually monitors the performance of the vehicle. Sensors around the vehicle report back to the ECU if there are any problems, for example, low fluid levels or increased engine temperature. When an issue is identified the ECU generates an error code and the relevant dashboard warning lights will then be displayed. While a dashboard warning light may alert you to an certain issue, a electronic diagnostic check of the vehicle is required to understand the full extent and cause of the problem before we are able to advise on the appropriate solution.

Why do I need an electronic diagnostic report?

We believe there is no compromise when it comes to the reliability, and most importantly, safety of your vehicle. Even when a problem may seems obvious, underlying issues can be overlooked without a proper diagnostic report. There are literally hundreds of error codes that can be generated and need to be reviewed along with physical investigation by a qualified Technician to decide the best course of action to rectify the issue. Depending on the vehicle, some can only be read by specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment especially with high end models. At BP Rolls Automotive we use the latest diagnostics equipment which are capable of reading the engine fault of a wide range of makes, before looking up the manufacturer recommendations for repair.

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