mid-life refurbishment

When investing in a high value asset like a trailer, or a fleet of new commercial vehicles, you want to get the best value for your money.

Throughout the lifespan of your new investment you will want to refurbish your vehicle, to restore it to an almost new condition and make modifications for the remainder of its life.

BP Rolls specialise in mid-life refurbishments on trailers and commercial vehicles and have worked a lot of high-profile clients to deliver their vehicle’s mid-life re-fit.

From a complete vehicle re-spray or renovating the floor of your trailer, to replacing tired and damaged bodywork, our expert engineers will refurbish and repair all elements of your vehicle.

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body modifications

Have you considered modifying your existing fleet to maximise your investment?

BP Rolls knows that the dynamics of your business will change from time to time and a commercial vehicle’s purpose may change throughout its life. Altering your vehicle to suit your needs makes far better business sense than buying a new one.

For example, you may find that your fleet of refrigerated vehicles would benefit from a side access door to the pavement for ease of access, or you may wish to remove the doors to the rear of your trailer and fit a roller shutter.

The possibilities are endless and BP Rolls are here to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Here are some modifications that we have made to some of our customers’ commercial vehicles:

  • Cutting side access doors into a refrigerated vehicle
  • Fitting side or tail lifts to a vehicle
  • Adding roller shutters to the side or rear of a vehicle
  • Removing centre exit doors to a bus and modifying the internal configuration