• DPF Cleaning (Andover)

DPF Cleaning

The majority of modern diesel cars are equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The DPF is part of the exhaust system designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

The DPF only has a finite capacity so this trapped soot periodically has to be emptied or ‘burned off’ to regenerate the DPF. Most vehicles are able to do this automatically whilst driving, however sometimes this is not the case and the DPF can become blocked. Due to the size and position of the DPF, replacements are notoriously expensive, however an intensive deep clean can clear blockages, allowing a ‘forced’ regeneration.

BP Rolls Automotive TUNAP Intensive FPD Clean Service: £195 plus vat

We use a DPF cleaning system manufactured by German chemical brand TUNAP. With over 40 years experience, TUNAP are worldwide market leaders with their innovative developments and system solutions in the field of cleaning products in the automotive market. Based on years of laboratory research and development, this environmentally friendly Euro 6 Approved cleaning system removes 98% of soot and ash.

We don’t add any extra charges for the diagnostics and forced regeneration once the DPF has been cleaned to flush particulate matter and reset parameters, however we do recommend oil and filter change after any DPF cleaning process has taken place, this is due to the extra fuel that is added after the combustion cycle, can dilute the oil. The whole process takes around 1.5 to 2hrs

    • TUNAP DPF Cleaning and Regeneration
    • ECU Reset
    • FREE RAC Approved Vehicle Health check with CitNOW Video
    • FREE Mini Valet

    What is a DPF?

    If you own a diesel car then chances are you have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) but you may not know exactly what this is or how to maintain it. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot and ash in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars. They are made of a porous ceramic honeycomb of alternate end closed channels. The exhaust gas enters the DPF and passes through the porous walls of these channels and traps the particulate matter.

    Ash build-up is the primary reason for premature DPF failure and is the most important factor controlling the service life of the filter.

    What causes DPF blockages?

    The DPF only has a finite capacity so this trapped soot periodically has to be emptied or ‘burned off’ to regenerate the DPF. Most vehicles are able to do this naturally during long journeys, however if you are a frequent short journey driver, eg. school run or local commute, then you are highly susceptible to blockages as your vehicle does not have the opportunity to regenerate itself over a distance at speed. You may find reduced performance known as “limp mode” or the dreaded DPF warning light display on the dashboard when it becomes blocked.

    What is the cost of a new diesel particulate filter?

    Diesel particulate filters are expensive. A new one from a car manufacturer can cost £1000 upwards.

    Is it illegal to remove a diesel particulate filter?

    Yes, it is illegal. Owners face fines if caught (up to £1000 for cars and £2500 for vans)

    What is TUNAP DPF Clean?

    TUNAP was the first company to develop and patent an in situ particulate filter cleaning system. Their technology allows blocked filters to be cleaned without removing them, saving both time and money.

      • Patented technology
      • Works on euro 6 engines
      • Filter does not have to be taken apart
      • Used more than 250,000 times (worldwide)

      VERT® Association Approved

      The VERT® Association verifies and recommends the effectiveness of the TUNAP particulate filter cleaning process. VERT® Association (Verification of Emission Reduction Technologies) is an association dedicated to the identification and promotion of best available technologies for emission control. Members of the VERT ® Association include international engine manufacturers and manufacturers of particulate filters and SCR systems.

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