BP Rolls’ 360 support significantly reduces VOR for Fleet Managers

Date: 29th April 2019
Author: Louise Ellison

When Tesco’s Head of Fleet Management received instruction that 1,000 delivery vehicles needed a complete set of new graphics this wasn’t necessarily a request out of the ordinary. Except for one vital detail, there was no space to work more planned VOR time in to the schedule and the pressure was on to keep the business on track.

But this is exactly the kind of challenge that managers of large scale fleets are constantly up against and finding solutions quickly is part of the job.

So how do businesses like Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Tesco and Fowler Welch meet this challenge without the need for additional vehicles to cover VOR?

One solution developed by BP Rolls is to reduce VOR for fleet customers through 360 support, in effect covering every aspect of vehicle maintenance, repair, fault detection, paintwork, graphic printing and fitting, all at the same time.

Tesco’s head of fleet management said, “Being able to address multiple jobs at once has really brought down our VOR over a year. Other Fleet Managers will know that having the usual complications brought by a full schedule of servicing and maintenance and then having to fit in a 1,000 vehicle graphics takes the challenge up a gear! Fortunately this is where a service like BP Rolls’ 360 fleet support really makes the difference.”

BP Rolls’ solution is focused on covering every job or issue at the same time in order to keep all its fleet customers on the road for the maximum time possible.

“Having fleet vehicles being repaired after an accident and then having graphics fitted straight away gets vehicles back on the road quickly” says David Rolls, MD of BP Rolls. “Even when we’re fitting graphics we can spot further maintenance issues and get them fixed before that vehicles goes out.

“This is why we’re trusted by fleet managers across a range of businesses and approved repairers for a range of companies including Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW - they all know that we always meet the high standards they require and that our eye is always on minimising VOR.”

So how does BP Rolls help businesses like Tesco and Ocado with an unplanned 1,000 vehicle graphic refit?

“Our 360 fleet support is also about being flexible and delivering solutions that are needed at the time” said Tariq Abul, sales & operations director of BP Rolls. “We have a national fitting team which is able to travel across the country, from south England up to north Scotland, to fit the vehicles in whatever location they’re in, even in the dead of night. This helps us complete entire jobs without any VOR time accumulated and at the same time we can report on all defects and any issues that needed to be resolved for future planned VOR time”.

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