What payments am I responsible for before my car is returned?

You will need to pay any excess from your vehicle insurance before your vehicle is returned. If you have asked us to complete any additional private work, you will also need to pay this before your vehicle is returned to you.

If you have borrowed a courtesy car from us, then we will need to check this vehicle back in, as any damage to the vehicle must be paid for, or if the vehicle is returned in a heavily soiled condition we may ask for payment to valet the vehicle.

Should you have incurred any costs under the Road Traffic Act, for example any speeding fines or parking tickets, we will pass these charges onto you once we are made aware of them. There may also be a late return penalty if you do not return the courtesy car within 12 working hours of your vehicle completion.

All of our terms and conditions are provided before we begin working on your car, so we do advise our customers to check these thoroughly.

If you feel that you haven’t been advised of any terms or are unfairly penalised, then we want to hear about your experiences. Please contact a member of our Customer Services team for more information on 01264 367 516. You can also read about our complaints policy here.

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