• Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

BP Rolls is committed to the highest standards of customer care and we promise to repair your vehicle to the highest possible standards using qualified technicians and the best equipment available. We aim to agree upfront exactly what work we are undertaking in order to ensure that our customer expectations are managed and so there’s no disparity between what you anticipate in terms of our services and what we deliver.

If for any reason there is a difference between what you expected and what we have delivered – or if we have let you down in any other way – then we will do everything possible to ensure that your complaint is dealt with quickly and fairly. Whatever the nature of the complaint, we welcome your feedback so that we can have the opportunity to resolve the issue and also learn from the experience, adjusting our procedures or working practices accordingly.

Our complaints procedure is straightforward…

  1. Complaints can be made in person, over the phone, in writing or by email.
  2. Your complaint will be logged and passed to the appropriate division/department/manager, whereby an immediate attempt will be made to resolve the issue.
  3. If immediate resolution isn’t possible, the complaint will acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt, pending further investigation.
  4. The outcome of our investigation and our decision will be given within a maximum of 48 hours of receipt of a complaint. (Please note that in some instances, particularly automotive engine issues, we may need to seek the advice of third party specialists or manufacturers which may take longer than 48 hours, in which case we will let you know an expected timeframe.)
  5. If you are unhappy with our decision, or if we do not complete our investigation within the allotted timeframe, you may refer your complaint to your insurance company or the relevant industry ombudsman.
  6. Our customers have the right to contact a BP Rolls Director at any point during the complaint procedure.

To make a complaint in the first instance, please call us on 01264 361 516.

If you wish to write, please do so at: BP Rolls Ltd, 27-30 Hopkinson Way, West Portway Industrial Estate, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3LF or email: customerservice@bprolls.co.uk

We are here to help...

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